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Dec 29, 2012 11:00pm EST
on going out and getting this win. >> dallas may have a more experienced leader in tony perkins but what haunts them is big season ending games. they faced a similar situation last year but got hammered by the giants. they say it's those type of experiences that gives them the advantage. >> you're molded by your experiences and going through that. the core group of guys have been through those experiences, and hopefully those type of experiences allow to you embrace these moments so the stage isn't too big, and you still have an opportunity. this is what you play for, to be in these type of situations. >> going to be a big game. >>> on the hardwood, the maryland terrapins currently riding their longest win streak in 0 years. they haven't lost since their season opener bringing a 10- game win streak in today. terps happy to be back after time off for the holidays. the terps step out with the penetration, and the freshman charles mitchell led the terps with 19 and 14 off the bencht maryland takes a one-point lead. howard pushes the ball up court, finds wells for the monster jam, part of a
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Dec 15, 2012 9:00am PST
happened, what do you tell them and what role should faith and god play in all of this? we'll tony perkins and we have a conversation coming up with connecticut state police lieutenant paul sprance coming next. [ male announcer ] red lobster's crabfest ends soon. hurry in and try five succulent entrees, like ourender snow crab paired with savory garlic shrimp. just $12.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99. starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. share "not even close." share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. sharable data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. get a droid razr m by motorola for $49.99. vance coming up next . >> we have breaking news in from washington, secretary of state hillary clinton just feigned. they say that while suffering from a stomach virus she was dehydrated and fainted and sustained a concution . she will be at home and
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Dec 29, 2012 5:00pm PST
ahead to 2013 including hollis green law on the future of housing and job markets. and tony perkins will respond to critics who say the republicans ought to trade their conservative values for votes. >>> live from america's news headquarters, i'm harris falkner. former president george h.w. bush is now out of intensive care. she recovering at a houston hospital. a spokesperson saying he has improved enough to go back to a regular patient room now. he was hospitalized for a bronchitis-related cough. doctors moved the former commander-in-chief to the icu earlier this week when he developed a high fever. at 88 mr. bush is the oldest living former president. >>> in the first official legal action now to come out of the connecticut school masacre, an attorney is seeking permission to sue the state for $100 million on behalf of a six-year-old survivor. the attorney claims connecticut school authorities failed to take steps to prevent and protect children from, quote, foreseeable harm. on december 14th, a gunman fatally shot 20 young children and six uh -- adults at sandy hook el in entry
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Dec 30, 2012 8:00pm PST
is the president of the research council and my friend tony perkins. tony, great to have you here. the post mortum of the election has been for a lot of the -- and i like to call them the so-called leaders. i am not sure they lead us very well. but they said, you know what we need to do? we need to get away from some of these decisive issues, things like the caping tau tee of life and the sanctaty of marriage. what say you? >> the problem is they have. that's why they lost the last two national elections. if you look at john mccain, he was no outspoken social conservative. they rarely checked the boxes. mitt romney, like him, nice guy, good family man, great picture of a family. but he really was hesitant to talk about marriage. his record didn't match with his positions he adopted. you go back and tell me the last time a moderate beat a liberal in a national election. >> well, you would have to go back probably to richard nixon. if you look at gerald ford and ronald regan was clearly a social conservative and put it front and center. george bush in his first term was and then in the second term
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Dec 31, 2012 12:00am PST
of housing and job markets. and tony perkins will respond to critics who say the republicans ought to trade their conservative values for votes. want to know what i did in the last five hours? i played a round of golf. then i read a book while teaching myself how to play guitar; ran ten miles while knitting myself a sweater; jumped out of a plane. finally, i became a ping pong master while recording my debut album. how you ask? with 5-hour energy. i get hours of energy now -- no crash later. wait to see the next five hours. elementary in newtown. now back to "huckabee." >>> the president has spent a lot of time talking about how his policies will improve the economy. but will his words translate into results in the new year? joining us is fox business network. charlie, always a pleasure to have you here. let's talk first about the actions of the federal reserve. the fed has been printing money right and left and hoping that somehow it is going to turn the economy around. obama promised that if we follow these policies, everything ought to be improving. >> hunky dory. i am not seeing it. loo
Dec 18, 2012 7:00am EST
2012. happy birthday mom. good morning. i'm tony perkins . >> and i'm allison seymour. glad you are watching today to mrs. per kins. tucker barnes joining us now. do you have a birthday wish today? >> not until next tuesday. let's get to the weather forecast. we have chilly temperatures to start your day. >> yup. >> i see you two making faces. 48 at reagan national. 47 at dulles and bwi marhsall. highs in the upper 50s. nice mild day. here's a look at -- satellite radar. nice and quiet in the moment. we got clear skies. partly sunny today. cold front out to the west. and there you go cloud cover will be increasing shortly and might get a sprinkle or light shower. you will notice the winds are going to pick up later this afternoon out of the west and north and west gusting to 15, 20 maybe 25 miles an hour. there's your forecast for today. and we're going to be mild with highs in the mid to upper 50s as the breezes pick up. more details on the weather in a couple minutes. let's talk to julie wright. >> all these birthdays and neither one of them brought in a slice of cake. >>> way
Dec 24, 2012 5:00am EST
about traffic. >> tucker is opening up a can of worms. company get you what i got tony perkins 10 years ago, a wonderful book, meteorology for dummies. >> feisty this morning. >> the joke on him since he's not there. let's look at the roads. they are vacant. if you are heading out, no problems. 66 from gainesville no problem to the beltway. lighter volume than normal. around the beltway over the american legion bridge into maryland, here is the look north of the bridge here, river road. you see light traffic in both directions. light volume on the top side of the beltway. over to connecticut avenue, through montgomery county and let's head 0 to the other side -- let's head over to the other side, federal government is closed. mail delivered as usual. h.o.v. restrictions are in effect. metro running on a regular weekday service. rail service 5:00 a.m. to midnight. mark is on a christmas eve schedule. vre not running trains. beware of that. that is a look at your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> all right, jeff, thank you very much. >>> redskins fans are buzzing after another huge win. this tim
Dec 28, 2012 9:00am EST
'm tony perkins. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's check in with tucker barnes who is probably dancing in the weather center. you can probably hear them down there, too. >> i can hear them, but i'm not going to make anybody watch me dance. let's get to the forecast. lots to talk about. no issues today. partly sunny with highs in the low 40s. reagan national 38 degrees. bulls and bwi marshall, 34. cold start. limited sunshine as we have clouds working in from the west. looking at our satellite radar, want to show you the storm system, next one, getting its act together in tennessee, alabama, mississippi. that is quick moving, heading our direction. not a lot of moisture, but enough that by daybreak tomorrow snow will break out and will be with us for a time tomorrow, tomorrow during the day and things will taper down by tomorrow afternoon. what can we expect? like wednesday and monday, the snow/rain line setting up in the metro. the farther west and east of the city, the lesser your chance of any issues here. primarily rain. winter weather advisory across the northern tier of maryland,
Dec 14, 2012 2:00am PST
within the republican party when we are joined by tony perkins, president of the family research council. >>> other big news from washington, the stun forever ambassador susan rice. she'll meet with the president today after taking herself out of the running to be the next secretary of state in a letter to the president, rice said the confirmation process would be lengthy, disruptive and costly to you and to our most pressing national priorities and that tradeoff is simply not worth it to our country. >> i made a decision about who would be our next secretary of state. susan is qualified. her interest is in serving me, but most importantly to serving the country. she will continue to be one of the top members of my national security team. >> rice true heavy criticism over her statements on attack of the u.s. mission in benghazi. she said the attack, you will remember, killed u.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens and three other americans. >>> signs of process. a nuclear arms talks between the united nations and iran. inspectors from the u.n. international atomic energy agency are asking
Dec 6, 2012 7:00am EST
are looking at the sights now. good morning. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. holly morris is out there and giving us a preview of the tree lighting throughout the broadcast. >> we want to find out what the forecast is. gwen is in for tucker barnes to tell us about that. >> it is going to be cold. make sure you dress warm no matter where you are going this morning. mother nature is seriously bringing us back to a reality check. a few high clouds. high pressure in control today. we are talking mainly sunshine. skies expected to be bright. and here's a look at our current temperatures. 35 at reagan national airport. 26 at dulles and bwi at 30. yesterday we were into the 50s. no such luck this morning. don't have to deal with the winds we had yesterday. so no windchills. into the course of today, here's a look at your planner. much cooler conditions expected. midday about 42 degrees. but bright skies and cold. we have changes coming up for the weekend, i'll have those details later. back to you. >> all right. on the roads right now, what we're finding is the accident activity still i
Dec 28, 2012 7:00am EST
. this is friday, december 28, 2012. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm sarah simmons. alison seymour has the morning off. we are here to bring you the latest on the weather, well, tucker is. let's check in with him now. >> good morning. nice quiet start today. we have temperatures back in the 30s. it will be a decent friday. partly sunny. highs in the low 40s. less wind than yesterday. today we're fine, and then we've got this winter event for tomorrow. it's not going to be a big storm, but maybe enough to have light accumulations around here during the day tomorrow. reagan national now 36 degrees. dulles 33. bwi marshall 34 degrees. quiet start to the day. cloud cover at the moment. and as you look to the south and west, look into western tennessee and northern parts of mississippi and alabama, shower activity. that's our next storm system. will be moving in our direction. i'll have more details on what time it might arrive and what we can expect tomorrow coming up. for today, partly sunny conditions and should be relatively quiet for you. winter weather advisory goes in effect early to
Dec 6, 2012 6:00am EST
'm wisdom martin. >> i'm he tony perkins, in for sarah simmons this morning. you know, you expect this to happen because you told us about it. but still, it's like no! we liked that couple of days. >> it is kind of like the lunch bag letdown. you are a kid, you open your lunch bag and it's like oh, not what i thought. >> mother nature whipped them in and whipped them out. bundle up if you are heading out. it is seriously chilly out there. we have a few high clouds to the north and west of us but other than that, we are expecting clear conditions and lots of sunshine today. ridge of high pressure is in control and that will set us up for sunshine. yesterday's highs, 63 at reagan national airport. 61 at dulles and 64 at bwi thurgood marshall. temperatures will be some 20 degrees or so cooler than that into the course of today and actually, even with our high today, we will be below the seasonal average. the 70s are long gone. so don't expect them anymore. here is a look at where we stand right now. 30 at dulles. 2 at bwi thurgood march marshall. winds are light. they will remain tha
Dec 6, 2012 9:00am EST
good thursday morning. i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm tony perkins. we'll see what that's all about. gwen is in the weather center and has the latest on the forecast. >> how do i follow that? we'll try. we have some cool conditions across the area. not quite as warm as we've had and totally spoiled. back to reality folks with cooler conditions and temperatures actually below the seasonal average as opposed to above. here's a look at satellite radar. we are talking sunshine today. the skies will end up being bright. we have 37 at dc. 35 at baltimore. a lot cooler to the west. and 34 at dulles. so the winds are calm today. we don't have to worry about windchills and as far as our highs are concerned, expected to be in the 40s. but that sun will be evident all day long across the area and that's at least good news. 46 for your daytime high. changes ahead in the weekend forecast. i'll have that later. back to you. >> first this hour, a traffic watch and a messy commute on the outer loop of the beltway at 270. a truck full of pineapple flipped over causing major back ups. julie wri
Dec 18, 2012 6:00am EST
driving interesting during the morning rush hour. good morning towing. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm tony perkins. sarah simmons is off this morning. -- good morning to you. >> it will be mild, upper 50s. might be a sprinkle. definitely going to be some wind. could be some fog. you're right. >> wasn't kidding. >> the only thing missing is snow. >> that i can guarantee you we will not be seeing. we'll start with the numbers. mild start to your day. 49 at reagan national. dulles, 4 and bwi marshall, 49 degrees. -- dulles, 48 and bwi marshall, 49 degrees. see the rain showers in west virginia and eastern ken quebec, that will move through later today. i think you see a little sunshine here to start your day. we'll get a deck of clouds in midday and a return to a little sunshine behind the front. let me mention a dense fog advisory issued bay half hour ago, not here in washington. this is north and west as you get up into western portions of maryland, eastern portions of west virginia including hagerstown, cumberland, martinsburg, charlestown under a dense fog advisory until 9:00 this mornin
Dec 24, 2012 6:00am EST
be saturday. again, lots of question marks days away. >> that's true. >> thank you, tucker. >> tony perkins is here. >> the set looks beautiful. i'm looking at the monitor. that is fantastic. >> good morning. >> a week ago you said we would enter a more stormy period and here we are. >> hey, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, guess what it's time for. sorry. i was stunned because -- i'm sorry. look how we load -- you record that. >> that's not on people's tvs. >> thank goodness. we are all blue. it's time for ask tony and tucker. we put our heads together weather-related or otherwise. today's question is from kennedy bartley. what is the very first and very last stop that santa makes on christmas eve. >> excellent question. >> there is an answer to this question. >> because over the years, you know, we talk to the folks at norad, a week or so ago. god bless you. >> sorry. >> we will talk to them later today and they track santa. so, we do know where he goes first and where the last stop is. >> we don't know what time he comes to your house but we have a sense of things. >> let's go to th
Dec 31, 2012 5:00am EST
to see tony perkins and we'll see him tomorrow talking about his son connor about it for years and decades to come. this is the night when they could have said generationally speak, wow, we saw our team rise to promise once again. early on, it didn't look great. tony romo had about an hour to get rid of this ball and find jason whitten. the amazing things, the redskins have trailed 7-0 in the last three games and have come back to win all of them. here is the number reason why last night. not rg iii. it was alfred morris who takes that one. there goes morris again and on this run, he breaks clinton portis' single season rushing record that was previously held. there is cp giving him some love. he would not just break it. he would shatter it. there goes rg iii, still gimpy but enough to get around the corner. >> it was dallas after all. >> it was dallas and that gave them a lead they would never give up and then alfred morris. >> with the hammer. >> there he goes, 200 yards on the night. 33 carries. they fed the horse and the horse led them to the promised land. redskins win 28-
Dec 16, 2012 6:30pm PST
, but the retelling of the story in a 1962 movie starring tony perkins and melina mercouri. their illicit affair over, perkins crashes his cherished roadster over a cliff. a big sendoff accompanied by none other than johann sebastian bach. >> oh john sebastian! you're playing your music like crazy and i'm listening to it in greece! what are you doing here? oh john! why aren't you home minding the children? i at least had some business in greece! i had a father that killed every phaedra! phaedra! phaedra! >> that scene actually keeps coming to mind as i try to follow the melodrama in washington that has us heading for a cliff. a fiscal cliff. but are we? or is this, another myth in the making? for some insight, we turn to two seasoned observers both of whose books you'll want to as santa to leave in your stocking. bruce bartlett was an economic adviser to the supply-side icon jack kemp, and to two presidents -- ronald reagan and the first george bush. he got into hot water with his conservative cohorts when he wrote a widely quoted book critical of the second president bush. his most recent work is "t
Dec 10, 2012 6:00am PST
on committed same-sex couples marrying. oh boy. tony perkins -- >> no, mother. no! you're a naughty boy! >> stephanie: not that guy. >> hysteria. >> family research council. >> stephanie: do families need to be researched? is that a need that we have? >> apparently they've found a way to do it. >> stephanie: should the supreme court decide to overturn the laws of 41 states, it would become more divisive than roe v. wade decision. this was troubling. ruth bader ginsburg who is one of the most liberal justices, she in february questioned the timing of the abortion decision and suggests it may have contributed to the on-going bitter debate about abortion. not that the judgment was wrong but it moved too far, too fast. that was from ginsburg. those are the things that make you worry. a little shpilka in my kinectazoid. chris perry who i love is a lot more selfish than i am. [ applause ] they could have gotten married today if they had not taken the course. she said as much as sandy and i want to be married we want e
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Dec 14, 2012 10:00am PST
in any of this. megyn: i want to go to tony perkins who we happen to be fortunate enough to have with us today. he's the president of the family research council. what an important day for faith and what a challenge to it for those families. >> as a father of five kids my heart is broken for those families. as a former police officer that has been at crime scenes before i can only imagine the stress these officers will have in processing this crime scene. you are right, in times like these we see communities across the country turn to faith. churches open their doors, they reach south. it's part of the grieving process as this continues to unfold. many people will be trying to make sense of this and you can't. there are some things in life you simply cannot make sense out of. this one of those senseless acts of violence. our staff in washington today -- we are gathering even in this hour praying for these families. most of us have kids. and every american is touched by a tragedy like this. megyn: the family research council was targeted not too long ago by a madman who shot the guard. he
Dec 18, 2012 9:00am EST
-term. >> absolutely. tony has been down here and has volunteered. >> tony has been here multiple times. he goes i just love that anthony perkins. so formal. >> so this is the key the job training program. we will never ever, ever feed our way out of hunger. only when we position people to break this cycle of hunger, homelessness on their own that will succeed in getting to the root causes. >> you guys are amazing. you are always evolve ing. getting ready to graduate your 90th class. you have a new computer lab. >> we do. phenomenal thing in terms of job search and even working in kitchens, you need those skills. we have this beautiful new culinary kitchen that will be just for the students andorking with the kind of equipment they will see on te job. really getting the experience that will allow them to get the job. >> and teaching what they need to do in terms of cooking. >> anger management and conflict resolution. nothing to do with slicing and dicing knives or cooking. it's again, the skills people are going to need to work with other folks. a lot of our folks spent time in prison. >> we have a pe
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)